What's going on here at ML Lab

  1. Dr. Srijan Das presented "AAN: Attributes-Aware Network for Temporal Action Detection" at BMVC 2023 in Aberdeen

    This paper explains how to utilize large-scale pre-trained vision language models (CLIP) for long-term action detection in videos.

  2. Dominick Reilly will present "Limited Data, Unlimited Potential: A Study on ViTs Augmented by Masked Autoencoders" at WACV 2024 in Hawaii

    This paper shows that jointly optimizing Vision Transformers for the primary task and a Self-Supervised Auxiliary Task is surprisingly beneficial when the amount of training data is limited.

  3. Dominick Reilly is awarded The Chateaubriand Fellowship

    Dominick Reilly is awarded The Chateaubriand Fellowship and will be interning at Inria Sophia Antipolis, France.

  4. Trick or Research at CharMLab

    🎃 Happy Halloween! We hosted a Trick or Research event at CharMLab. A spooky afternoon of research and fun, and with treats! 🎃

  5. Dr. Xiang Zhang served as Jury for the IEEE Brain Best Paper Award and the Best Student Paper Award

  6. Dr. Xiang Zhang chaired the session of 'Emerging topics and applications of BMIs' at BMI IEEE SMC 2023

  7. Dr. Xiang Zhang gave a keynote in Brain-Machine Interface Workshop at IEEE SMC 2023

    The BMI workshop is a 4-day conference focusing on research in brain signal analysis and Human-Machine Interface. Dr. Zhang gave an invited talk entitled 'Self-Supervised Contrastive Learning For EEG-Based Neurological Disorder Detection' on Oct. 1st 2023.

  8. Dr. Jake Lee had invited talks for 4-12 students at Charlotte-Mecklenburg Library branches

  9. Two papers are accepted at NeurIPS 2023

    Congratulations to Drs. Kümmerle and Zhang, along with the first authored students Yihe Wang and Yu Han!

  10. UNC Charlotte Launches Machine Learning Lab: A Hub for AI Innovation

    CHARLOTTE, NC - The University of North Carolina at Charlotte has announced the formation of a cutting-edge Machine Learning Lab within the Department of Computer Science. This new lab, comprising six Principal Investigators (PIs) and more than a dozen PhDs, aims to be a nexus for innovation and research in the rapidly evolving field of artificial intelligence (AI).

  11. Dr. Xiang Zhang served as a panelist on the AARG Program of the Alzheimer's Association.

  12. Dr. Xiang Zhang served as a panelist on the NSF SMALL Program.

  13. Dr. Xiang Zhang served as the Publicity and Social Media Co-Chair in PerCom 2023.

    IEEE International Conference on Pervasive Computing and Communications (PerCom) is a flagship conference in pervasive computing. The average acceptance rate in the last 5 years is 16.3%.

  14. Dr. Jake Lee served as a panelist on the NSF Programs

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